We only do it for the stories we can tell.

Life in a Film Can - proof #2

Ask any professional: doctor, musician, plumber, undertaker or filmmaker the best, worst, funniest, or saddest experience they have had in their career and they are sure to come up with some interesting or even outrageous stories.

Human nature supplies an abundance of anecdotal material experienced during interaction with others in any field of endeavor. As a filmmaker some of the people I have dealt with are well-known personalities, others are not at all in the public eye, but they all supply a wealth of material that is the foundation for my book Life in a Film Can, the second in a three-part series.


Book one, Wham Bam $$ Ba-Da Boom!, involves stories from the Seventies, Mafia influence in the X rated, illegal cash based business; which fostered criminal activity much as the Volstead Act (Prohibition) served as a catalyst for the rise of organized crime. With the legalization of adult material, albeit at the discretion on a local level, legitimate businesses enter into the world of titillation, exploitation and purveyors of heretofore illicit material.

LVR shooting NY skyline C. 1985

The reader follows the pyridine shift away from the traditional movie houses to the newly evolving cable and VHS markets of the mid Eighties. Bigger budgets, better talent for independent films, typified the movies made for the new burgeoning markets. Life in a Film Can tracks the incremental changes on the sets of pivotal films and why, how and what for the pictures were made. Behind the scene accounts of the people involved, in a first hand narrative, the reader experience the climate in an era when not only adult films went through a transition but the movie industry as a whole changed expediently to what we are familiar with today.

LVR W: MM look alike CV' Hollywood Hot Tubes. 1985

Both books are for sale in print or e-book at Amazon.com. 


All other electronic formats can be purchased at Smashwords.com.


~ by Larry Revene on April 8, 2015.

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