Post Publishing Perks.

Final Wham Bam cover-1Friday morning, coming back home on the #2  subway from the Bronx, I’m thinking: “it was really great seeing Dennis – making him smile.” A big grin when he sees his name for something legit on the book copies I brought him.  

“Hey! It’s a real book – ya’ making any money?” He understood what all the interviews were for from the last few years when I nod “yes.”

We go way back; he’s a stone family man and I’m part of the clan. Dennis is the guy I’d call for bail. Although we haven’t officially done illegitimate business together since the Seventies, I know I can call him in a jam.  Trying to stay out of “jams” is a full time job, right?

I forgot he takes “black two sugars.” I’ve gotten two Mc Donald’s coffees with milk. Graciously he declined, ” had two cups already this morning,” and he offers his to Anthony, who just showed up a minute ago – fresh from jail.

Dennis tells him: “Hey, you’re a good kid, a good worker. I like you but Dennis Jr. says he don’t trust you. You’ve got to talk to him – says you shoot.”

Anthony denies using “smack.” “Nah, I’ve been off coke almost a year. That’s all I ever did. Hey, thanks for hooking me up with the warden, made my time more easy.”

Problem with street wise answers: they all sound the same – honest or otherwise. The person being questioned, Anthony, knows how to surrender – not like some – he plays the roll and says “sir.” I’m always embarrassed when a young man calls me sir.

One big inside forearm dragon tattoo on his twenty-ish white-on-white skinny arm, Anthony’s long grundgy nylon gym shorts, dirty white sneakers, jail haircut bowed top of head, is mostly what I see. His wardrobe looks as if from a trash dump. He looked like a poor Irish kid, the kind you don’t see much anymore. He swore before me he wasn’t “chipping” –  that’s good enough for Dennis. Dad smoothed the doubts for Dennis Jr., who has concerns about Anthony being clean. Neighborhood tribunal.

“Here’s Dennis Jr’s number, I’ll tell him you’ll call. Now I got to talk to my friend here. Ya’ need any money?”

Anthony says $50 would do, Dennis says he hasn’t got forty – on purpose. “Here – take thirty and call Dennis Jr.” I see just the backside of his britches (remembering to close the door all the way), and Anthony is a memory. Dennis flips through his yellow legal pad where he keeps track of everything, he has huge stacks in the corner behind him. Efficient analog book keeping at its simplest. Dennis logs in: “Anothny – $30.00.”

“Hey, I want you to give me a hand.” Two Con Ed guys in a truck are just pulling up in front of the warehouse. Dennis can see them on the surveillance TV screen over his desk. I knew he’d put me to work. We made our way from the office into his huge depot, stacked to the rafters with stored furniture. He clicks open the rolling steel door and we laugh like hell:

“You know how the hoodies wear their butt clutched pants, showing off their sporty underwear?” (I bet Calvin Cline started the movement.)

Dennis: “Yeah, They’re a real pain in the ass.”

Ha, ha, ha. Good one.

“Well, I got the guy on the #2 train coming up here, what forgot the underwear, and he’s bending over in front of me.”

Two Con Ed techs look off-guard – we’re laughing – we’re friendlies.

“Okay, the gas meter you’ve got to change, is right over there. Me and my friend here will move those boxes to get to the electric.” Denis snaps into work mode.

“Careful of this one , all this stuff belongs to Pace Galley.” A mountain of furniture wrapped chairs, paintings and lots and lots of boxes of books.

“Hey Dennis, why do people put books in the biggest boxes?”

“Cause they’re ass holes. This woman ‘such a bitch.”

We empty the corner of the warehouse by hand to get to the meters.

“They charge me if I’m not here to let them read the meter so they’re gonna put in one of those remote things. I’ll call Anothny ……he’ll put this stuff back when Con Ed is finished.”

That’s the way we do it, WHAM BAM! Done.

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~ by Larry Revene on June 15, 2013.

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