Fight or Flight?

YeYo Daily News Photos

Daily News photos of YeYo in action spotlighted the unorthodox production.

I took the flight – redeye to San Juan – it wouldn’t have been much of a fight had I stayed around. Things in New York were too hot for me and Puerto Rico seemed like a good place to cool off. The timing was perfect, given my precarious situation with Eddy “Dolls” looking for me. I had not come through with a specialty film that Eddy demanded I make for him. The trip was planned well in advance, not that I knew the problem with Eddy would develop, is was a business trip not pleasure. Escaping to a tropical isle for most means getting away from work, in my situation it meant going straight to work.

After spending two years shooting, editing and promoting the Hispanic film YeYo, I and a group of Puerto Ricans, launched a releaseRobert in front of theatre in Mayagues (night) of the picture in the homeland of the protagonist’s origin. Counter hero, YeYo, was based on the true story of a Vietnam solder returning home after erroneously being reported killed in action. He surprises his wife and her new boyfriend as they engage in love making and he shoots and kills them both and then hides out from the police at his girlfriends house. My first experience with the double standard ethic of Latino’s. The balance of the film; YeYo evades the cops and eventually escapes to Puerto Rico. One might think this home grown saga would appeal to the locals, and possibly break even.

YeYo was my foray into distributing a feature. The episode in Puerto Rico was much more interesting than the film and certainly more adventuresome. The learning curve for booking theaters was steep and my limited Spanish was a distinct disadvantage. Life with the locals, submerged  in the culture, satisfied my anthropological  inquisitiveness. The fact the film endeavor was a total failure seemed less important than the sum of the experience. Cutting sugarcane for enough money for plane fare back to New York was sobering enough, but almost drowning in the ocean solidified my resolution to return to New York regardless of the consequences from Eddy Dolls.

A dangerous journey during  the heady years of the 1970’s, when porn was profitable, illegal and a loadstone for gangsters and profiteersFinal Wham Bam cover-1 attracted by easy cash from 8 mm smut loops, this book documents first hand reports of that era.

Possibly one of the most influential sociological changes since the industrial revolution, the advent of   hardcore sex films in public places, stripped away much of the quasi-moral vestiges of the ninetieth century Victorian era. It was a time when mores, morals and modesty changed inexorably. Porn was not the only sociological shift; it was happening in the arts, politics and society in general. Whether pornography was a catlist or a by-product of this change is difficult to cleave, but for certain it played a big part in challenges for first amendment rights.    

Literally at fox hole, basement level, I witness the paradigm shift from titillation to penetration in motion pictures. I paralleled the legal adjustments, while making films, and watched as the public demanded the ability to watch what they wanted. It was an important slice of American culture witnessing  implications of the past and the impact to the future. 

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~ by Larry Revene on January 7, 2013.

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