This could get messy!



On the subject of mistakes. let me share one of my first big ones. Some people discourage the concept of telling on themselves for whatever reason they have. Me – I find the mistakes are the most interesting part of a story.

Richie and I were sent out on a job to film a tennis match. He was a little more experienced than me but not much. We had two cameras, one each, and our instruction from “Skipper”, the owner of the company was brief. “Go shoot the tennis tournament at my country club.” Simple right?

The way the seating was set up it was decided by Richie and myself ; one camera should be on one side and the other camera would have a better vantage point from the opposite side. What’s wrong with this picture? Richie concentrated on one player and I filmed the other champ.

It wasn’t until we process the 16mm black and white footage, which we did in-house, that we realized our colossal blunder. That’s right – colossal! Have you figured it out?  If you take bird’s eye view of the tennis court leingthwise with the net dissecting the two sides, and then picture “A camera” in the left hand top of the court and the other, “B camera” at the bottom right hand side of the court, it’s easy to see the mistake. When we looked at the footage it became only too clear what we had done wrong. Camera “A” showed the player serving screen left to right and camera “B” showed the opposite player returning left to right. They were both hitting the ball in the same direction!

~ by Larry Revene on March 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “This could get messy!”

  1. mistakes make the next attempt much clearer !


  2. Eyeline-Breaking, Larry?


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