Being there.

Mistake: never put your hands on you hips .... it makes the place look cheap.

Mistake:, never put your hands on you hips .... it makes the place look cheap.

Isaac took the cigar out of his mouth, a rare event, and pointed it at the person he was addressing,” Larry Revene has experience – you can’t buy that off the shelf!”

Experience can be a curse when it comes to predicting what is going to happen. Like Cassandra, you can see only too clearly what the choices being made are going to lead to but you can’t get anyone to listen to your experience. Having made a fair amount of mistakes myself, doesn’t mean someone else will benefit from them. It’s like parenting a child who wants to make the mistakes for themselves, so they understand the consequences. You can’t protect people from themselves.

Working film crew, one gets great opportunities to screw-up royally. An important lesson for me was not billing myself out as an all around know-it-all. Early in my career I signed on a shoot for a TV commercial as sound-man and assistant camera person. The producer was thrilled to get two for the price of one. That is until due to the distraction of doing both jobs interfered with doing one job properly. We backed that truck up over and over again getting the timing right of it coming around the corner and stopping on the mark. I set up the camera and didn’t finish loading the film through the gate because I was asked to do a sound check on the actors mic.The film went through the camera but not the gate so it was spoiled and we had to start over again with a fresh load. Having learned an important lesson, I tried to share my experience with others about to step in it. I pleaded with John, the producer of the CBS special, to hire competent PA‘s for $75.00 a day and not go the $35.00 alternative for inexperience. My pleas fell on deaf ears – the first day, Mr. $35.00, drove the cube van into a partially raised loading dock door, ripping it off, along with the top of the truck. Second day the same guy wrecked a brand new Mercedes he was picking up for the “picture car” for the day’s shoot -before he even got it off the lot. Third day, Mr. Cheep, fell off a ladder and sued the production.

~ by Larry Revene on March 11, 2012.

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