Times change – …

Times change – it’s a mercurial world. What one could look forward to as a career is not the same today as yesterday. Retooling, reinventing oneself, and adapting to the moving goalpost is the tempora die. A disappointment for some and a exciting challenge for others, we can all look forward to many different  surprises in the winding, hilly, bumpy road called life.

~ by Larry Revene on March 4, 2012.

9 Responses to “Times change – …”

  1. Okay, one comment ……. mine.


  2. I’m under the impression that “retooling” is doublespeak.


  3. I cannot add nor take away to that Mr. Revene. You have said a mouthful! Nate Osborne


  4. You have spoken a mouthful which I can neither add nor take away!


  5. To judge by the reactions of HR types, “versatility” was a bad word for a long time. If the demand for a RenaissancePerson is being resurrected, I’m GLAD!


    • Thanks Sharon for making a comment and following the blog. Yes, versatility / adaptability can no longer be considered a negative trait. Ask any ex- HR person looking for a job. I consider myself to be a prime example, first out in spelling B, now writing books. Madam Michele never told us about spell check. Like you, I find it refreshing that the paradigm shift has put the ball back in the individual’s court and less in the bailiwick of corporate control. I’ve got a couple of ex- IBM friends with bland ties for sale to bolster they’re salaries from Home Depot jobs in the garden department. They’re thankful they had gardens.


  6. Touché Larry. Flexibilty necessary for survival. 🙂


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